White Birch Tree Cake Topper (Made by: Feed Your Inner Fat Kid)

Cakes have become a big aspect of weddings. They almost tell a story and provide that look into who the couple is, what they like, and what the "message" behind their entire wedding is.

Finding a great bakery is important so make sure that when choosing your's that you look at all the resources of their business rather than just focusing on the price. Resources to look into would be customer reviews, business standings with legit companies such as the BBB, the taste of your selected item, and of course the visual aspect of the product. I would suggest attending a few different tastings before making a final choice.

This white birch tree cake topper was done by "Feed Your Inner Fat Kid". Contact Becca if you want incredible taste with a personalized touch! Visit their website http://feedyourinnerfatkid.com

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