Spring Events

There are many events that occur during our spring season. We start with Easter and then travel through Mother's Day, Graduations, Spring Weddings, Memorial Day and normally end with Father's Day. When looking at this list - it can become incredibly overwhelming!!

It is very easy for someone who isn't familiar with event planners to have the conception that they are primarily for weddings. While there are planners who specialize in weddings, there are also the event planners who plan, organize and put together the perfect event based on YOU and your ideas.

So how do you find the right planner for you and your event? That in itself can be another overwhelming task. First, ask around for referrals - see who your family, friends and friends of friends have used. Research the available resources such as Angie's List or even the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and look up customer reviews. Two, meet with planners once you have them narrowed down. Meeting face-to-face is a whole different situation than speaking with them on the phone. You need to be comfortable with them in every aspect. Three, make sure their beliefs and guidelines match those of yours and that they are willing to meet with you without any obligations for first visit. Four, your planner needs to LISTEN to you and to what you want. This is YOUR vision, YOUR dream, and YOUR event. Not theirs.

Hiring an event/wedding planner has become a priceless asset in today's society. One that you must ask yourself if you can truly afford NOT to have one at your side???

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