We're Back!!!

Wow - it's been almost three years since our last blog post! With that being said, I'm so excited to be back and am ready to start planning and coordinating dream weddings, corporate events, and everything in between. Just wanted to take a few moments to explain our hiatus so there is an understanding. In 2016, both my mom and I were diagnosed with breast cancer within a week of one another. Four months after my bi-lateral mastectomy, my husband was in a skydiving accident and was almost killed - although he survived

he is now considered to be a parapelegic. We firmly believe that everything happens for a reason; therefore, during all these tribulations and hurdles - we still look for the silver lining and choose to be happy. Why am I telling you our story? Today, the world is in quarantine and faced with a National pandemic called Coronavirus. It's a scary reality we are all faced with and decisions are having to be made that we don't like and feels like it's the end of the world. Those feelings are real and warranted; however, how you react to it all is vital in how you survive. Choose to look for the silver lining. Choose to be happy. Choose to look forward to your special day even if it's not on the originally planned day or with the originally planned vendors. Choose to ride this wave knowing that at the end - no matter what - your day is going to be incredible and special. It's going to be EXTRAORDINARY!!! Stay healthy everyone and God Bless.

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