Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Coordinator

We are asked a lot if a Wedding Coordinator is needed if the venue offers a Coordinator as part of their services. Our answer - YES!!! I'm sure our answer isn't a surprise to you - I mean, that's what we're in business for - so why would we tell you "No" right?!

As your Wedding Coordinator - YOU are my priority. I make sure that your vision becomes a reality by taking care of all the details that encompasses your vision. My job is to make sure that you have no stress, that your vendors are all on the same track, to make sure all the small details you've worked endlessly on all come together cohesively, and lastly, that your wedding day is one nothing short of magical.

Venue Coordinators focus primarily on the venue. Their job is to ensure that the venue is taken care of and that everyone in attendance is following their guidelines in order to make your day perfect as well. While Venue Coordinators are helpful in many ways - their priority is not you. An example would be this: Your caterer is running an hour late and may not get there until after your ceremony has begun - the venue won't be able to step in much and provide a solution. I DO!!!! If your table decor isn't getting set up how you envisioned it - they won't step in and fix it. I DO!!

So while Venue Coordinators are helpful and very nice to work with - our focus is on you, the couple, and our job is to make your dreams come true as flawlessly as possible. It used to be that Wedding Coordinators were strictly a bonus - nowadays it's more needed.

Let us assist you. Let us take care of you. You deserve it all on your special day!

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